What We Do - Atlas Investment Firm

What We Do

We at Atlas Investment Firm, provide financing through creative and transformative solutions to Governments, Financial and Banking markets, Real Estate, Development, Construction and the Infrastructure industry throughout Australasia and the World.


Atlas Investment Firm provides primarily long term debt financing to:

  • Sovereign, Sub-Sovereign and governmental entities
  • Social and economic infrastructure assets
  • Banks, non-bank financial institutions and insurance companies
  • REITS & Real Estate Developments
  • Tier One Contractors & Construction

Atlas Investment Firm fills the role as a private sector global infrastructure development bank and monetary institution with commercial investment banking, structured finance and fund manager skill sets together with geopolitical capabilities and knowledge.

We are a single source debt provider of long term (20-40 year) financing for essential social and economic infrastructure projects and also as a monetary liquidity provider to governments and the banking sector providing more efficient private debt as an alternative to public bonds.

Financing Profile
  • Long term up to 40 years
  • Term loan, senior, unsecured debt, credit facility, asset leasing, hybrid equity
  • Tier 1, Tier 2 capital, Time Deposits for banks/insurance
  • Interest Only structures or customized repayment schedules
  • Concessional loan terms available for public sector case by case
  • Grace periods of up to 5 years, allowing projects to get on their feet.
  • Financing is credit driven by the credit quality of the sponsor or guarantor
  • Funding amount will be dollar for dollar to match the Guarantee issued.
  • LIBOR Index is used for interest rate pricing
  • Simplified underwriting process
  • Sharia compliant available


  • A Government Guarantee or Bank Guarantee to insure monthly repayments.
  • Minimum BBB rating for Guarantee issuer.
  • Tier 1 construction partner or equivalent accreditation
  • Tier 1 PMO partner for our own compliance purposes.