Solar Finance
Dedication with Care

Atlas Investment Firm offers extremely low rate solutions for your residential and commercial solar clients. We strive towards a time when solar is affordable to every family, sole trader, and business owner alike. At AIF, we are dedicated to a sustainable and affordable future. WIth unsecured rates starting from 5.99% and terms of up to 10 years, Atlas Investment Firm can structure a product to suit you.

Residential Solar Finance

  1 to 5 years; 5.99% interest rate
  6 to 10 years; 7.99% interest rate
  Application fee of $297 (worked in to the repayments our portal generates)
  No early exit fees, client can pay out any time and avoid paying the remaining interest
  No monthly fees
  No merchant fees of any kind
  Funding up to $50,000 (lending over $15,000 will also require 90 days bank statements).

Commercial Solar Finance

  1 – 5 year terms available 7.95%
  Low credit requirements
  Funding available for businesses operating for longer than 2 years
  Relaxed criteria requiring minimal documentation
  Maximum lending capacity assessed case by case 

Please reach out for a more detailed introduction into the product or to schedule a meeting.