About Us - Atlas Investment Firm

Who We Are

Atlas Investment Firm delivers a truly unique product and funding proposition. Providing globally integrated, exclusively dedicated, large scale investment, infrastructure and sovereign finance solutions.


Strategically positioned, Atlas Investment Firm delivers a transactional partner who is a Western Diversified Wealth Management Firm with over half a century of high-level banking and investment expertise. Atlas Investment Firm provides a direct and exclusive channel to this rare opportunity to deploy a proven funding model and approach for Australasia and beyond.

Unlike traditional banks and equity investors, Atlas Investment Firm is the architect of sophisticated institutional liquidity capital that supports our public sector clients’ national and geopolitical economic and infrastructure policy. We accomplish this by providing long term flexible and friendly financing without the use of public bonds to:

  • Central Banks, Ministries of Finance and Treasury Departments
  • Multilateral institutions and Development Banks
  • Ministries of Infrastructure and State Owned Corporations (SOC’s)
  • Federal, State and Local Governments
  • REITs and New Project Development
  • Tier 1 Contractors and Construction
In the private sector, Atlas Investment provides passive direct investment to banks, non-bank financial institutions and insurance companies. In this asset class, we act as a primary or alternative source of long term liquidity to financial and insurance global markets as a private alternative to raising liquidity via public bonds or Central Bank borrowing.